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Roving Jewel - Out Now!


Roving Jewel is the confluence of Sophie's journey through musical interpretation and authenticity. This diverse collection of traditional fiddle tunes, dance duets, and vocal jazz standards explores the relationship between form and freedom. Featuring an all star string band and an exquisite jazz trio, along with solo and duet interludes. 

Dumpster Debbie

DD ALBUM artwork.png

Whistle and Scat 


Tired of the same old Christmas songs? No? Too bad. We've taken certain lyderties and mixo'd it up for you with a brand new aeolbum of 7 Christmastime favorites (That's right! One for every day of the week, every week of the year!!)

Open the dor and loc no further for an unforgettable exphrygience to remiond you of Christmas 2020 - happy listening!

Dedicated trad musicians who come from a broad range of musical influence, such as old-time, country, cajun, jazz, bluegrass, and most importantly, many forms of dance music! Boiling all of this down into a driving and rich old-time groove, we render cultural authenticity into a tasteful and exciting mezcla! We add some spice to these traditional styles with tasteful driving percussive elements like drums, banjo uke, and cajun t’fer! Our sound is a high-energy, make-you-move, trancey and groovy sonic experience.

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