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“Sophie Wellington’s dancing reveals a deep knowledge and love of Appalachian music and spot on rhythmic sensibilities, enhanced by a jazz education. Her singular approach to percussive dance opens new possibilities where we thought there were none left!”

-Nic Gareiss

Artist Bio:

Sophie Wellington is an old time fiddler, jazz singer, and percussive dancer. Originally from Staunton, VA in the Shenandoah Valley, she grew up surrounded by a diverse and dedicated musical community. She brought a passion for traditional music and dance with her to Boston where she studied vocal jazz performance and American roots music at Berklee College of Music. She became a fixture of the New England Old Time scene by co-leading a weekly old time session with Zach Meyer, along with forming their old time fusion string band Dumpster Debbie. Whether she's weaving her voice through lavish jazz melodies and harmonies, driving fiddle tunes with her high energy bowing, or flatfooting Southern Appalachian rhythms, Sophie invites audiences on a sophisticated and energetic musical adventure. In her upcoming debut album Roving Jewel, a diverse collection of fiddle tunes, jazz standards, traditional ballads, and percussive dances, Sophie explores her relationship with these distinct musical forms expressing novel musical ideas that challenge traditional stylistic divisions.

Roving Jewel Album Release Bio:

Roving Jewel, a lyric from American traditional song Katie Cruel, has more than one meaning. It represents how I see myself as a musician: with my music being heavily influenced by improvisation, I often find myself searching for a new way to play, listen, interpret, and convey a musical idea. Second, the term "roving", meaning unspun sheep's wool, connects with where I am in my musical career. I'm collecting substance and structure in my music, and in my life as a musician. I'm ready to start spinning into something more, to begin weaving into the vast fabric that is the larger music community.

Essentially: this album represents me as a musician in the moment of my life. It is an honest reflection of where I am now, and perhaps a look at where I'll go next.


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