Dumpster Debbie


Dumpster Debbie is an old-time fusion string band collective: what does that even mean?!

Well...we’re a conglomerate of dedicated musicians who come from a broad range of musical influence, such as old-time, country, cajun, jazz, bluegrass, and most importantly, many forms of dance music! Boiling all of this down into a driving and rich old-time groove, we render cultural authenticity into a tasteful and exciting mezcla! We add some spice to these traditional styles with tasteful driving percussive elements like drums, banjo uke, and cajun t’fer! Our sound is a high-energy, make-you-move, trancey and groovy sonic experience perfect for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, festivals, square dances, hoedowns, and SO much more!

"Dive in that dumpster and revel in the glory you’ll find"

-Matt Downing, Cofounder at Oldtone Roots Music Festival