Sophie Mae Wellington is an exquisite Boston-based musician. She attends Berklee College of Music and studies jazz vocal improvisation, vocalese writing, and old time fiddle tunes. In addition to the rich musical environment at Berklee, her immediate family and community have surrounded her with traditional Appalachian folk music from Virginia to Boston and beyond. These experiences have instilled in her a technical and creative spontaneity that is unparalleled. She engages listeners of any age thanks to an upbringing centered in music-making and fostering intentional communities.

Throughout her musical career, Sophie has had the distinct honor of playing in beautiful spaces with beautiful musicians. She toured with Appalachian Dixieland band The Dharma Bombs in the summer of 2017, just prior to studying abroad in Valencia, Spain. There, she would continue to perform in a more straight ahead jazz style ( in addition to swing, bebop, bossa nova and samba) with Brazillian guitarist and arranger João Bouhid. While overseas she also played a contra dance in Paris, France. Sophie has been featured at numerous festivals and has given workshops in flatfooting and percussive dance, group singing, harmonizing, and has worked with children of all ages. Most recently she has been touring with a new band out of the northeast called “Dumpster Debbie”, a high-energy string-band whose number one goal is to make you dance! They offer a fast paced and lively musical experience and play events such as weddings, square dances, farmers markets, and the festival circuit. She was also featured in 2019 on an EP written and recorded by singer-songwriter Meryl Rudy entitled Featuring EP. She both sings and plays fiddle on this recording.

Sophie began playing music in her childhood Virginia home with musical parents. Through involvement in choirs, community gatherings, and traditional arts, she grew to love the art and its people. Inspired by group singing and playing, she pointed her compass toward genres that supported this art form: jazz and traditional folk. As a child, with visible and normal examples of professional music careers, it was easy and comfortable for her to choose this path. Her decision comes from a love and a drive for the music she has been surrounded by, and also a desire to share it with others. She has strived to learn more about the varied musical cultures and soundscapes by studying at Berklee and engaging with its social environment along with the greater Boston music scene. The experience of playing different types of music, meeting new people and making connections, traveling abroad, gigging and performing in another country, and many more phenomenal musical opportunities afforded to her through Berklee have been invaluable. In addition to these academic pursuits, she has dedicated her free time to exploring the depth of the world of folklore in the southern Appalachian region. She will graduate in spring of 2020 with a BA in Professional Music and will continue to play shows in and around Boston.